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September 13-14, Gdynia


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  How do IT Operations in Central Europe co-create value for global players?  


We strongly believe that Central Europe can be the go-to location for the most innovative IT operation centers in Europe. At OPER8IT we want to connect people from the worlds of shared service centers and in-house operations centers and enable them to exchange experiences, explore best practices, see the successful implementation cases, discuss actual process improvements, and feel tangible effects of fulfilling transformations.

Key topics in previous edition

The main goal of OPER8IT conference is to show the need for transformation of IT Operations in the times where a fusion of technologies has blurred the lines between physical and digital realms and usage of technologies like robotics, Cloud, AI etc. The world economy is changing and IT plays vital role in the success of the business in the XXI century being part of it.

Monitoring, Automation, Orchestration

RPA, AI and machine learning

Cloud Management and Operations

IT Service Management (DevOps)

Building and managing support organizations

Security operation centers (SOC)

Competences, knowledge and talent management

Supplier and partner management

Service resilience and continuous availability

   What can you expect from the conference?   

   Watch the previous edition aftermovie and get a glimpse of the OPER8IT amazing atmosphere, speakers and attendees.   

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Who should attend

OPER8IT is a conference for Heads/Managers/Experts/Architects/Analysts of:

   IT Technology / Operations / Infrastructure / Security         Data Center         Cloud Services     

    Security Operations Technology Projects         Enterprise Architecture         Business Application Management     

    IT Service Delivery         Infrastructure Engineers (Network/Servers/Storage/Cloud Computing)     

    Resilience and Continuity         IT Service Desk         ITSM Processes   

Speakers that joined us at previous edition OPER8IT conference

Andrzej Kruczynski kwadrat

Andrzej "Wodzu" Kruczyński

Former GROM officer, a participant in special operations and foreign missions.
Jarosław Klimentowski-1

Jarosław Klimentowski

Kontroler Ruchu Lotniczego
Miłka Raulin; Autor zdjęcia: Marta Machej

Miłka Raulin

Himalaistka i podróżniczka, autorka książek
Monika Jurkiewicz-1

Monika Jurkiewicz

Service Management Lead @ Formula 1

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You will always meet great people, you will always find great content and there is always something to inspire me. I would definitely recommend taking part in OPER8IT! The first edition showed its tremendous potential for connecting people and sharing knowledge across IT organizations.
Marek Ostrowski
Marek Ostrowski
Senior Service Manager @ GSK
When the organizers explained to me the types of organizations that would be coming the delegates that would be here, it was clearly a very good community of people who are really interested in understanding how IT operations can be put at the center of business performance.
Mark Gallagher
Mark Gallagher
Managing Director @ Performance Insights Ltd
This is a unique event because it caters to a particular audience it's the only event of its kind it really tries to address the things that are needed for it operations which is a really, really cool thing
Dawid Ostręga
Dawid Ostręga
Business Leader, Head Coach, Scout Master, Keynote Speaker
That's a great event and a great opportunity to share the ideas to hear the use cases and also the amazing atmosphere. For sure, we would recommend the colleagues and peers to join it.
Mariusz Terens
Mariusz Terens
Really good and interesting mix of people here so there's this mixture of human and technical content this mixture of really difficult techniques, so it's an interesting mixture of topics I think that's really good about this plus of course is pretty good energy from all of the participants.
Andrew Vermes
Andrew Vermes
Senior Consultant @ Kepner-Tregoe

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How are we developing the agenda?


We invited top leaders of IT operation centres in Poland to work with us on developing OPER8IT’s agenda. We will showcase how IT Ops is changing and how Central Europe can play a part in this transformation. For the agenda, we will select speakers who deliver genuine, first-hand insight.

Our full schedule will be published soon. In the meantime, check out the key topics selected by our program committee.

OPER8IT Report

After the conference, we will prepare a report about IT operations in Poland. The report will also include comments from experienced leaders. Their voice is important because it is based on experiences from everyday work in the IT industry.